Continues, heir of Mel Rintin
approved breeding stallion SA Giacomo

SA Giacomo

SA Giacomo has lines going back to six times Congo & three times Tabal.


Mel Rintin

1st premium breeding stallion 1991 (NL)


Lajla & SA Giacomo

Lajla A.5676, mother of Gaico = Calero x Mel Lianka (Pintor x Mel Galinka)  

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Story About Us

“One of nature’s most exquisite creations – the Spanish Arabian horse. With its beauty of form, grace of movement, warmth of personality and assertive air, the Spanish Arabian provides a glimpse of nature’s perfection. This glimpse of perfection instills in many admirers a desire to capture and perpetuate nature’s excellence. In order to continue and enforce these magnificent qualities the source-genetic material must be identified and intensified”.

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The Horses

  • Flora (SBB)

    Foundation mare of Melissa Arabians
  • Finta (SSB)

    Foundation mare of Melissa Arabians National show, overall Champion Mare in 1984
  • Mel Bintika (AVS)

    National show; Junior Champion Mare in 1984
  • Lajla A.5676

    Mother of SA Giacomo
  • Mel Lianka A.2534

    Reserve Dutch National Champions Mare, International Junior Champion Female and World Champion Junior Female in 1985
  • Mel Galinka (AVS)

    International show Vlimmeren Champion Senior Mares in 1981
  • Orla II (SSB) A.4472

    Mother of Mel Rintin
  • Chajal AVS

    Dynamite x Flora
  • Pintor SSB

    Crown-Prince of Melissa Arabians
  • Calero (SSB) A.2460

    European Junior Champion and World Junior Champion Reserve in Paris in 1984, Champion NL stallions 1987.
  • Mel Rintin A.5378

    1st premium breeding stallion 1991 (NL), 1st premium breeding stallion 1996 (BE), silberne Schleife in Aachen 2000 (DU) 
  • Jalisco (SSB) A.889

    All nations Cup Switzerland, first in class; senior Stallions, 3rd place World Champions stallions 13 an older

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